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For a number of years, we, Michel and Paul, have been interested in the fascinating world of home automation. Where in the past the software was very much connected to the hardware you bought, nowadays there are a number of very nice open-source home automation software packages available.

The software we both like the most is ‘Home Assistant’. It’s great software with support for a lot of types of sensors and devices. The best thing is that it supports homemade hardware sensors and devices!

We noticed that a lot of people like to make hardware themselves. We also recognized a lack of well-designed circuits which can safely be built by people with not too much experience with electronics.

Another thing we found many times searching around the web, is that published and shared designs were often PCB’s which were not designed to fit in a nice enclosure.

Because of these issues we came up with the idea to start this website, espthings.io, where we will publish our own designs which can be easily built by everyone!

For each project will make instructions and software configuration freely available to ensure the project will be successful and works ‘as expected’. And lastly, we will always ensure that the PCB will fit in a nice enclosure, so that the finished project not only looks nice, but is also safe.

Our goal is to ensure that everybody can build our projects. If you can’t wait to get started building, please read the ‘general information page‘ first and also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won’t miss a thing!

We are always happy to test new Home automation products from manufacturers, especially if they contain an ESP chip as the products heart 😉
Contact us if you would like to send us your (new) products!

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