ET-SW01 – A very low consumption mailbox sensor

Introduction With the amount of online shopping happening, which only became more during the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be handy to know when you receive something in your mailbox. Monitoring your mailbox with a remote...

et-gc01/02 0

ET-GC01 / ET-GC02 – Geiger counter

Introduction As with many designs, there is something which triggers the creation. As part of a bigger design, which will be published in the future, we created a small geiger counter module which can be...

NSPanel Lovelace UI 12

NSpanel Lovelace UI for Home Assistant

Preface About 10 months ago Sonoff send us the and thereafter we published our first impressions. The product was not entirely new and innovative, as there where Nextion Touch displays and 2-gang wall switches readily...

ESPHome 2022.6.0 0

ESPHome 2022.6.0 released!

Yesterday ESPHome released version 2022.6.0, another small but interesting release, as it now supports Media Player functionality for the esp32 using the internal DAC as well as an external DAC. 🎶🎶🎶 Great Stuff! 🎶🎶🎶 There...

ESPHome 2022.5.0 0

ESPHome 2022.5.0 has just been released!

ESPhome finally has official support for the BL09-39 which is responsible for power measurement in the Sonoff Dual R3 v2. Other changes are the new BedJet BLE climate component, Delonghi Penguino PAC W120HP ir support, SML (Smart Message Language) platform for energy meters, the ENS210 Humidity & Temperature sensor component and support for the Sen5x sensor series.

ESPHome 2022.04.1 0

ESPHome 2022.4.0 released!

ESPhome just released 2022.04.0 which contains a few interesting new features: Support for the STM32 chip of the Shelly Dimmer Support for the Hydreon Rain Sensor Support for the MCP3204 & MCP3208 12-Bit A/D Converters...


ESPHome 2022.2.0 released!

The ESPHome team just released 2022.2.0 with the following new components: They have also added IPv6 for the esp-idf framework, Improv_serial scan and send wifi networks list, Esp32cam full control, added restore_mode to the fan...

ESPHome 2022.1.0 0

ESPhome 2022.1 released!

Today ESPhome 2022-1 has been released. It’s a nice release featuring a list of new components and the introduction of which could help you get started with ESPHome. Check the full list of changes...

ESPHome 2021.12.0 0

ESPhome 2021.12.0 released

ESPhome 2021.12.0 has just been released. Not extremely feature rich, but a nice update nevertheless 🙂 As Home Assistant now supports the long awaited button entity, ESPhome has added support for that as well. For...

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