Athom Mini Relay Switch for ESPhome 2

Athom Mini Relay Switch for ESPhome

In this article we cover the Athom Mini Relay switch, a fairly small Relay switch for use behind your existing wall switch. These kind of switches are sold by manny companies, mainly based on Tuya...

Athom Garage Door opener PCB 0

Athom Smart Garage Door Opener for ESPHome

On we found a shop called Athom that sells hardware specifically for ESPhome, Tasmota, Homekit and WLED. We usually flash hardware ourselves, but since Tuya is now selling hardware with different kinds of MCU’s, it... ET-AD01 0

4 channel Analog input/digital in/out controller- ET-AD01

Introduction The ET-AD01 is 4 channel Analog input / 4 channel digital in/out controller. As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, a design idea is sparked in several ways. In this case...

esphome 0

ESPHome 2021.10.0 has just been released!

Some of the esphome 2021.10.0 new features are support for the AirThings Wave Mini (Blutooth low energy sensors), Current Based Covers, Daly BMS, Modbus controller, Tuya based Covers and more… Also a huge effort has...

Sonoff NSpanel 10

Sonoff NSpanel – first impressions!

Sonoff just introduced the , a brand new 2-gang smart (Wifi) wall switch combined with a 3.5″ HMI touchscreen with a resolution of 480×320 pixels. There are 2 versions available, one for the US market,...

Power metering for the Sonoff Dual R3 r1.6 using esphome 6

Power metering for the Sonoff Dual R3 r1.6 using esphome

Note: The CSE7761 is now supported by ESPhome! Al little while back we published this article on the new . We mentioned that the only disadvantage was that esphome did not yet support power metering...


IoT AC dimmer for ESP8266 D1 Mini

On we found this that can house a It’s made by a company called RobotDyn. You can use it for dimming certain LED lamps as well as incandescent lamps. When dimming LED make sure the...


ESP32R4 Smart Home Controller

Sometimes it’s just not worth it making stuff yourselves, but it’s just better to ‘buy and modify’. On Aliexpress we found this from a company called RobotDyn that comes with Tasmota preinstalled. It’s got 4...

esphome 0

ESPHome 2021.8.0 released

ESPHome 2021.8.0 has just been released! Interesting new features are native support voor the AM43 cover motors (Blutooth low energy), DSMR, PipSolar, a few Particulate Matter Sensors and RGBCT light, with support for correction of...


4 channel Digital LED controller – ET-DL01

Introduction Our previous design, the ET-AL01 Analog LED controller, was designed to control the regular “Analog” (RGB) LED strips. These strips are easy in use, but due to the way they work, the whole strip...

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