Esphome on a Tuya IR Remote Control blaster

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  1. Jeroen Venema says:


    The Tuya remote control blasters I received yesterday didn’t have an ESP inside, but the WB3s which is incompatible with ESPhome. I replaced the WB3s by an ESP-12E but couldn’t flash it with the pinouts in the desciption. It turns out they changed the pins for J1 as follows:

    1 – 3.3v
    2 – RST
    3 – TX on the CHIP – RX to the UART TTL module
    4 – RX on the CHIP – TX to the UART TTL module
    5 – GPIO0, that needs grounding to put the chip in flashing mode
    7 – GND

    Next to that, they left GPIO15 floating, apparently not used for the WB3s, but necessary for the ESP. Connect it to the GND pin with a small wire.
    With this brainsurgery and changes to the pinout, the blaster comes to live and can be used with the exact same esphome yaml as above.

    If you need to replace an WB3s as well, make sure to be gentle with a soldering iron as the PCB pads are thin. Best to use a hotair station.


    • michel says:

      Hi Jeroen,

      Thanks for that update. A lot of ‘Tuya’ manufacturers are sadly switching to different (mostly Realtek based) chips, but you are the first to report frankever now also revised these IR blasters. 🙁

      Kind regards,


  2. Diogo says:

    Any alternative shop where i can buy this device with esp8266 chip?

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