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Not all ESP32 modules are the same.!?

Background During the extensive testing of our designs we ran into issues with some modules not wanting to boot up after a power cycle. This was happening about 8 out of 10 times. The first...


The birth of a design

The ET-AL01  Analog LED Controller The process of designing a circuit starts with an idea. Sometimes the idea is based on a question of someone else, and sometimes it is just seeing the need or...


5 channel Analog LED controller – ET-AL01

Introduction Michel asked me to design an analog LED controller with 5 channels, since he wanted to be able to control a nice LED strip with an RGB LED and a warm white and cool white...


Esphome on a Tuya IR Remote Control blaster

This time we put esphome on a Tuya Smart IR Remote Control WiFi IR Blaster which we bought from seller ”. It’s just a cheap IR blaster that runs Tuya cloud software which potentially exposes...


The new Sonoff DualR3 is here!

We got a nice little surprise in the mail today. The all new Sonoff DualR3, a Dual Relay Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Power Metering. With this ESP ‘thing’  you can operate (2) lights, appliances and...

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