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ET-P1101 – A DIY ESPHome Panasonic Climate interface

Getting the Panasonic Climate control off the cloud Back in August 2021 we published an article about an esphome component for a esp32 or esp8266 based airconditioning/Climate Wifi interface. A great way to get your...


ET-SM01 – DIY DSMR P1 smart meter

Introduction In the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Sweden Residential Smart Electricity Meters comply to DSMR (Dutch Smart Meter Requirements), also known as ‘Smart Meter’ or ‘P1 port’ which supports plain non encrypted telegrams and also...


ESPHome Underflooor heating Pump Switch – ET-PS01

Introduction As electricity is so damn expensive in Europe now and my (2) underfloor heating pumps are constantly consuming more than 40 Watt each, I wanted to find a smarter solution for that. While browsing...


ET-SW01 – A very low consumption mailbox sensor

Introduction With the amount of online shopping happening, which only became more during the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be handy to know when you receive something in your mailbox. Monitoring your mailbox with a remote...

et-gc01/02 0

ET-GC01 / ET-GC02 – Geiger counter

Introduction As with many designs, there is something which triggers the creation. As part of a bigger design, which will be published in the future, we created a small geiger counter module which can be... ET-AD01 0

4 channel Analog input/digital in/out controller- ET-AD01

Introduction The ET-AD01 is 4 channel Analog input / 4 channel digital in/out controller. As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, a design idea is sparked in several ways. In this case...


4 channel Digital LED controller – ET-DL01

Introduction Our previous design, the ET-AL01 Analog LED controller, was designed to control the regular “Analog” (RGB) LED strips. These strips are easy in use, but due to the way they work, the whole strip...


5 channel Analog LED controller – ET-AL01

Introduction Michel asked me to design an analog LED controller with 5 channels, since he wanted to be able to control a nice LED strip with an RGB LED and a warm white and cool white...

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