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ESPHome Underflooor heating Pump Switch – ET-PS01

Introduction As electricity is so damn expensive in Europe now and my (2) underfloor heating pumps are constantly consuming more then 40Watts each, I wanted to find a smarter solution for that. While browsing the...


ET-SW01 – A very low consumption mailbox sensor

Introduction With the amount of online shopping happening, which only became more during the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be handy to know when you receive something in your mailbox. Monitoring your mailbox with a remote...

et-gc01/02 0

ET-GC01 / ET-GC02 – Geiger counter

Introduction As with many designs, there is something which triggers the creation. As part of a bigger design, which will be published in the future, we created a small geiger counter module which can be... ET-AD01 0

4 channel Analog input/digital in/out controller- ET-AD01

Introduction The ET-AD01 is 4 channel Analog input / 4 channel digital in/out controller. As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, a design idea is sparked in several ways. In this case...


4 channel Digital LED controller – ET-DL01

Introduction Our previous design, the ET-AL01 Analog LED controller, was designed to control the regular “Analog” (RGB) LED strips. These strips are easy in use, but due to the way they work, the whole strip...


5 channel Analog LED controller – ET-AL01

Introduction Michel asked me to design an analog LED controller with 5 channels, since he wanted to be able to control a nice LED strip with an RGB LED and a warm white and cool white...

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