Monthly Archive: August 2021


ESPHome 2021.8.0 released

ESPHome 2021.8.0 has just been released! Interesting new features are native support voor the AM43 cover motors (Blutooth low energy), DSMR, PipSolar, a few Particulate Matter Sensors and RGBCT light, with support for correction of...


4 channel Digital LED controller – ET-DL01

Introduction Our previous design, the ET-AL01 Analog LED controller, was designed to control the regular “Analog” (RGB) LED strips. These strips are easy in use, but due to the way they work, the whole strip...


ESP32 based Panasonic airconditioning WiFi interface

A little while back I came across this great github repo by ‘Dominik’ a 26 year old .NET & Web developer from Austria. He made this custom component for a esp32 or esp8266 based...

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