ESP32R4 Smart Home Controller

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Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
January 22, 2022 14:30

Great article, simple and concise, just the right information and tips. And the ESPHome configuration file for the RobotDyn ESP32R4v2 board works like a charm, too. Thanks a lot!

Mike Wa
Mike Wa
February 13, 2022 05:43

Hi Michel, I gave an issue uploading the firmware via serial. Can you please let me know the baud rate.
Also tried to load a HomeAssist generated BIN file via the ESP32R4 gui, but that has failed too.

Any ideas would be greatly accepted.


Mike Wa
Mike Wa
February 15, 2022 08:01

Hi Michel,

I resolved it by simply getting a YP-05 usb to serial board. (my bad, as my home made level shifted circuit didn’t do it. Probably because of the long lead length with high data rates!)

1. Important to remove jumper next to ESP32.
2. Provide 3.3v power to Vin.
3. Hold Prog button while booting – press RST button whilst still holding Prog button – release RST button – then finally release Prog button.
4. ESPHome works a treat uploading FW.

Arduino INO sketch uploading is a bit problematic. Speed of 921600 seems most reliable.

I found that ESPHome complains when saying the switch ports are Pulled Up. It says those GPIO’s [34,35,36,39] don’t support it. And so they aren’t working for me yet.

The relays work a treat.

Reply to  Mike Wa
June 7, 2022 15:08

Did you figure out a way to use the 34-39 pins? So far no luck on my end

Reply to  JF
April 16, 2023 06:46

Just remove the “mode: INPUT_PULLUP” line for those pins, they’re always in that mode.

Reply to  Mike Wa
September 28, 2023 18:44

Michel, coul you detail how have you achieved to program de ESP32R4 ? What board id in Arduino Ide ? How is the YP05 connected ? Sorry, but I cannot achieve that Ide recognizes the USB port….

November 5, 2022 14:03

I have one of these and I am trying to access both the buttons and the RF controller with home assistant with MQTT my device has the Tasmota firmware on.

March 17, 2023 11:09

What about Bluetooth function?

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