Athom Mini Relay Switch for ESPhome

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December 26, 2021 13:04

hi, did you figure out how to connect it to the light switch on the wall that has NO neutral wire? or impossible?
Also, for the 2 switch configuration (like 1st switch on the ground floor and 2nd floor – both are turning on/off the light on the stairs) – I am asking as the example shown on Athom web (and yours) is not the way the 2 switches are connected usually – here in UK the common pin is connected between 2 switches – as per the diagram above, there is no way to connect it)

Reply to  zygfryd
January 2, 2022 05:24

This switch requires to operate a phase (L) and neutral (N). The power supply in the switch draws too much power to do it differently….

The red wire between the switches in the 2nd diagram should be black. That is the standard way, at least in the Netherlands, to connect the switches. Safety is the reason behind this. If each switch gets a phase and neutral, and the common (change over contact) is connected to the light fitting, it will work too, but there is a 50% chance that the outer ring of a lightbulb (Either the E14/E27 version or any other type of light fitting where the outer ring is a conductor) is connected to the phase…. The diagram shown will always apply the phase to the center of the socket, which is impossible to touch when a bulb is screwed into the socket.

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